Founded in 2000 by Ananth Vummidi, Agrigo today has several, exclusive ties with processing units across the country and has a global presence.
An addition that expanded the family business from real estate and infrastructure to an agri-trading business.
With over 20 years, In the field, Agrigo has built a large portfolio of Agri-commodities such as Grains, Oil seeds & extractions, Pulses, Sugar & Molasses, Maize & Spices.

The focus is on quality and efficiency while revolutionizing the trading and distribution of Agri commodities.

AGRIGO has strong credentials with many private and public sector undertakings which are into various parts of value chain including public distribution.


Having a global presence helps processing units in sourcing the right quality commodities from various markets, procurement and managing logistics to ensure timely supplies. This helps processing units efficiently manage their working capital and increases productivity.


AGRIGO has exclusive ties with multiple processing units across the country, leveraging its supply chain skills to increase productivity without incurring capital costs. This allows them to offer processed goods to customers at cost-effective prices and operate efficiently.


Participation in tenders called by public sector undertakings for their Public Distribution System or Procurement under the Food Security.


Safe, reliable and sustainable transportation of commodities, warehousing, material management.


Distribution of Processed foods of different companies and countries through various channels.


Whether it is processing grains or managing logistics, together we work to create value for businesses and provide innovative solutions.


To ensure our product, practices and people speak of our brand ethics and values while addressing the challenges involved across the supply chain.


Agrigo is committed to provide unparalleled support to customers throughout the entire value chain from sourcing to consumption by leveraging our expertise in trading, logistics, processing capabilities and distribution to create a seamless experience.

By setting the best standards in the industry, we strive to establish a strong global presence and become a trusted partner for businesses looking for efficient, reliable, and sustainable commodity solutions.

M a k e   U s   D I F F E R E N T ?

Efficient Logistics Network

AGRIGO has an efficient logistics network that enables it to manage the transportation of commodities and processed goods in an efficient and timely manner.

Multiple Processing Units

AGRIGO has exclusive ties with multiple processing units across the country, allowing it to offer processed goods to customers at cost-effective prices.

Strong Global Presence

High quality commodities are sourced from markets like Myanmar, Africa, Canada, Australia, China and of course, India because of its strong ties globally.

Strong supply chain expertise

To increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure timely supplies.

Working capital management

AGRIGO's efficient management of logistics and procurement helps mills manage their working capital more effectively.

Quality control

Apart from having an in-house quality control team, Agrigo has tied up with internationally reputed assayers like SGS, Geo-Chem Laboratories, Intertek, etc. This ensures that the products and services offered by AGRIGO meet the highest quality standards.

Our Goals


Continuously improve our operations, products, services and enhance operational efficiency



To establish itself as the leader in providing end to end service to our customers, from sourcing to consumption.



To embrace technology which will streamline processes, build transparency and increase efficiency



Provide best in class service and products



To be committed to work in a manner that is sustainable to our environment, our clients and the farmers who’s lives we touch


Our Clients

Why choose AGRIGO?

Accelerating Growth

As one of the fastest growing supply chain groups of the world, Agrigo has a global presence in sourcing markets, exclusive ties with processing units and years of expertise in supply chain management.

Empowering Mills

We help mills source the right commodities, increase efficiency for logistics & procurement and increase productivity without incurring capital costs. This ensures a well-managed working capital and mills are able to offer cost-effective processed goods to customers.

Customer-Centric Excellence

Our focus on customer satisfaction make us a reliable, unique and preferred choice!

Our Products

Domestic & Exported Products

Groundnuts, Sesame Seeds, Rice, Sugar & Chillies

Imported Products and sold for domestic consumption

All kinds of Pulses from Myanmar, Africa etc.

Domestic & Exported Products

Groundnuts, Sesame Seeds,
Rice, Sugar & Chillies

Imported Products and
sold for domestic consumption

All kinds of Pulses from Myanmar, Africa etc.

Our Leaders

ANANTH VUMMIDI - Founder & Chairperson

Ananth, a born businessman and philanthropist, established the 'Vummidi Leela Foundation' to support underprivileged children through education and other essential needs, an initiative that is close to his heart.


Arvind actively participates in social clubs and events, utilizing his free time for recycling old garments and contributing to environmental causes.

KC PONNANA - Advisor

Mr. Ponnana has been chosen by the United Nations to represent India at the International Pepper Community in Jakarta.

SANDEEP BAHETI - Director of Operations

As a member of the RCC Trust in Chennai, Sandeep actively participated in the Paani project, which installs water purifiers in schools to provide clean drinking water to students.

RAJAGOPLAN - Finance Professional

Specializes in Financial Management,Costing, EXIm Business, Banking, Taxation India as well as UuSand takes care of statutory compliance

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